Michele's Mighty Sleeper Story

sleep success Oct 12, 2018

Before I begin with my Mighty Sleepers story- I’d first like to paint you picture of my life at the time I had my first child. Maybe it will sound familiar to you. Even if it doesn’t, I encourage you to stick with me- because I am quite sure there is at least one stop in my journey that you’ll catch yourself nodding your head to.


I was 24 years old when I had my son Benjamin. I was rising quickly at my corporate job- one that I had worked hard for, was exceptionally proud of, and drove over an hour each way to work at. I had graduated with my master’s degree a few years prior (as a 20 year-old… that’s how determined I was to enter the work force and take it by storm!) and I couldn’t wait to hit my stride as a mother, go back to work, and “have it all”.


That’s all until- sleep deprivation LITERALLY stopped me in my tracks.


I was shocked when Benjamin was still waking 5 or 6 times (at least) a night at 12 weeks old. After all, I had done everything “by the book”- I attended all the classes, read all the books- I even did meditation and yoga DAILY because that was something I had heard could help baby develop healthy sleep cycles in-utero (insert eye roll in hindsight here).


Not only was he not sleeping through the night- but his daytime schedule was a mess. His naps were infrequent and inconsistent. I recall waking up each morning, wondering if it would FINALLY be the day where all the pieces fell into place. (Spoiler alert: it just never happened for us).


Benjamin wasn’t sleeping at home, he wasn’t sleeping at daycare- and I felt completely out of control of the situation. I truly thought I was being the best mom I could be because I was jumping out of bed and running to comfort him every time he cried at night.


However, looking back, I realize that this habit was actually causing a LOT of issues for his daytime (and overnight!) sleep. I wasn’t helping him learn the skill of going from completely awake to completely asleep by himself- and it took me a LONG time to realize how valuable and important that skill is.


I will never forget rushing to his daycare from work, and quickly scanning his day sheet before focusing on the section about NAPS. I vividly remember so often looking at that paper and thinking “oh gosh, he only took 2, 20 minute naps?! Not only is bedtime is going to be a nightmare, but during the time between now and bedtime is going to be a crying, cranky mess.” I would routinely call my husband and cancel or reconfigure our plans having the knowledge that we just could not be out and about with him that evening.


The worst of it, I believe, was knowing that everything would repeat again tomorrow.


I wasn’t enjoying the little time I had with my baby, and it was causing lots of guilt and heavy feelings. The thing is, I felt hopeless. I had NO idea I could have control over the situation. No one told me that, even though I went to work every day, I could help my baby sleep better, be happier, and truly thrive in all areas.


It got to the point where his sleep was SO bad he was missing some milestones , losing weight, and was nearly diagnosed failure to thrive.


Another moment I will never forget: The day I was rocking my son at 6am, and had been for hours. My husband came into the room, and could tell I was in distress. I looked at him with a look he had seen dozens of times over the last several months and simply said, “I can’t do it. I have to quit my job”.


And quit I did.


I didn’t recognize myself anymore- and the life I had so carefully constructed was slipping away.  When Benjamin was almost 2 years old- we FINALLY found rest. By that time I had started my own business, and life was finally beginning to look normal again.


Then- I had my second child.


This time, I was determined to establish healthy sleep habits from the start. This time, armed with my second-time-mom knowledge, I knew I needed to take control and help him learn these sleep skills because his health, and the family’s health- depended on it.


Enter: the Mighty Sleepers methods.


Within just a few days of implementing the sleep strategies Dr. B helps teach parents in Mighty Sleepers, my new 4-month-old baby was sleeping through the night. He was sleeping like a champ for sitters. We could actually TRAVEL with him (a laughable notion with our first) and not worry about the tailspin that would result from  (an even worse) lack of sleep.


YES, there was a little crying involved. It was hard. I cried, I’m not going to sugarcoat that part. But guess what- he started sleeping in about 5 days- and still, at almost 2, sleeps through the night. And, mind you, both of my boys nursed past 18 months, so this IS possible while maintaining breastfeeding, even if you’re working as well.


If you have ever been through sleep struggles- it can be HARD to even imagine a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m here to tell you that it’s there- and I want to let you in on the solution that will help you reach it.


You guessed it- the Mighty Sleepers program.


First, what is “Mighty Sleepers”? Mighty Sleepers is a unique hybrid of a digital course & online community created by father and board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Phil Boucher. This program and community gives parents the exact action plan and support they need to get their baby sleeping consistently- in around 7 nights (or even fewer, if you get lucky like I did)!


It can be scary to invest in a digital program. Especially for something parenting-related. You might be thinking, “but, what if my child doesn’t fit the mold?”, “what if the techniques don’t work for us?”, “What if I have a question?”


The amazing part of having a digital program that comes with an online support community is that it doesn’t have to be one-size fits all like some are. Yes, you go through the pre-recorded material at your own pace (and trust me, in this course there will be plenty of lessons you’ll be revisiting again and again!) but there is also a safe community to whom you can turn for additional attention and support.


Say, for example, you’re in the trenches at 3am, trying to rock your baby back to sleep. None of the techniques you remember from the videos are working- and you need to troubleshoot the situation.


You can hop into the group at any time and explain the situation not only to Dr. Phil, but also to all of the other parents inside the group- who are ALL going through the EXACT same thing. Now, I can’t guarantee you will get a 3am response- but you WILL get a thoughtful and personal response (or many responses!)


I have taken several paid courses, and to me- the most valuable aspect of any program is the “premium” community that comes with it. Not only is the attention from the course leader more individualized and thorough, but the students inside the group have ALL invested in the same program as well- so they’re there with you and will also be ready to help.


I hope you will join us inside Mighty Sleepers- it will be an investment you make in your family’s health and wellbeing you won’t regret.


I’ll see you there and I promise to be the first one to offer you a virtual hug at the finish line.


P.S. If you have questions, you can even text me OR call me on a super-special support number 585-643-1746. I would love to answer your questions about the program or my experience.





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