Michele's Mighty Sleeper Story

sleep success Oct 12, 2018

Before I begin with my Mighty Sleepers story- I’d first like to paint you picture of my life at the time I had my first child. Maybe it will sound familiar to you. Even if it doesn’t, I encourage you to stick with me- because I am quite sure there is at least one stop in my journey that you’ll catch yourself nodding your head to.


I was 24 years old when I had my son Benjamin. I was rising quickly at my corporate job- one that I had worked hard for, was exceptionally proud of, and drove over an hour each way to work at. I had graduated with my master’s degree a few years prior (as a 20 year-old… that’s how determined I was to enter the work force and take it by storm!) and I couldn’t wait to hit my stride as a mother, go back to work, and “have it all”.


That’s all until- sleep deprivation LITERALLY stopped me in my tracks.


I was shocked when Benjamin was still waking 5 or 6 times (at least) a night at...

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