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Start your FREE 7 Day Trial- with 100% Course Access NOW!


To be the best parent you can be to your precious bundle of joy, you need rest! 

Babies need rest to function, too! After all, how will they meet their milestones if they don't have energy?

Start your FREE 7 Day Trial- with 100% Course Access NOW!

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Start your FREE 7 Day Trial- with 100% Course Access NOW!
As a parent of 4 children (#5 on the way!) I understand how frustrating it can be to feel like you're doing all the right things, buying all the right gear, and yet your child's sleep is still completely unpredictable and inconsistent.

I often hear from parents in my office, "I feel like my baby sleeps much of the day, and yet I don't have one minute to get anything done!"

You know.. those important to-do list items like: eating a meal, sitting down, and using the bathroom alone (dream big, right?)

We all wish that time would just stop so we could completely immerse ourselves 24/7 in the newborn stage- but- the truth is, there are things we NEED and WANT to do.

The basics, yes... but ALSO Exercising, Cleaning, Working, Reading that book you downloaded last year, Spending time with friends & your partner, and how about just RELAXING?

That's where SCHEDULES come in.

Once a parent finds their perfect schedule and knows how to adapt it as baby grows- they claim their LIFE back. It's easy to feel like baby sleeps all day yet you have NO time because you have no CONSISTENCY.

If you're here reading this still, your baby is likely not sleeping very well through the night, which means neither do you. Both of these issues can make it seemingly IMPOSSIBLE to function throughout your day.

So, what's the result? Parents everywhere are ending each day wondering what went wrong, maybe even feeling resentful of the baby they love dearly- thus impacting their relationship & happiness.

But, I'd like to let you in on a little secret- It doesn't have to be this way!

I'm passionate about helping parents get their days and their LIVES back so that they can be the present and productive parents their children want and need- and so they can ENJOY their baby.

Just imagine, being able to rock, cuddle, or read to your child out of WANT, not out of necessity.

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This isn't a course that I'm just going to turn over to you and wish you good luck. Mighty Sleepers comes with a Members-Only community group on Facebook, filled with all of the other parents who have chosen to invest in their family's sleep. The group is a place course families can go to ask questions, find support, and share celebrations. While Mighty Sleepers contains customizable plans, the group will help you if you if you're feeling stuck. We won't let you fail. 

-Dr. B

Start your FREE 7 Day Trial- with 100% Course Access NOW!

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